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GSA Compliant

Sunstone Welders is GSA Approved and Ready to Help All US Government Agencies Find the Right Welder 

Sunstone is a GSA approved vendor for US government agencies. We have sold our world-class micro welders to NASA, the FDA, Sandia, Los Alamos, INL, US Navy, US Marines, and many others for many years. We’ve probably sold several of our micro welders to the CIA, but we’d be the last to know. 

Police forces, fire departments, city maintenance shops, prisons and jails, and other state, county, or municipality organizations also benefit from Sunstone’s GSA approval. 

You can be certain that Sunstone Engineering has navigated the government procurement process many times. As a GSA approved vendor, we can help your agency find and purchase a welder perfect for your needs and ship it to your facilities in short order. 

Do you represent a different government? Sunstone sells and ships to every country in the world, unless otherwise prohibited by US law. An extensive international distributor network assists in providing a more local source for sales and service, if desired. 

How to Get Started 

Our welding lab regularly receives weld samples from all over the world, many of which arrive under an NDA agreement. As a GSA approved vendor, we carefully document every welding test with commentary and visual images. Armed with documentation that supports your decision process, you can confidently submit your quote for approval. And you can trust our processes in maintaining confidentiality, when needed. 

Call or text us at +1 801-658-0015 and let us know what you’re welding today. 


DUNS: 117208978 

CAGE code: 4J3N5 listed as Sunstone Engineering LLC 

NAICS: 333992 

SAM and SBA verified! 

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